Friday, March 18, 2011

First Post

Hey there

As a first post I thought I’d give some background information on who I am. I’m Jeffrey Sia a medical student in Newcastle, Australia. Being Asian I was only offered 3 choices as carriers from my parents, the 3 being, doctor, lawyer or accountant. Seeing as both my parents are doctors, I didn’t really think about doing anything else.

However, I never really found medicine as interesting as finance. So I decided to gather up some money and throw them into the share markets in Australia. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and results have been good considering I learnt all I know about the markets from reading books and magazines.

This blog is set up basically so that I can type out and reflect upon my investment decisions, good or bad and hopefully they will be a good read. I will be taking part in the trading places competition by JP Morgan which will start in a week. So I will update my trades and portfolio balance hopefully with each post and we all can comment on how I'm going.

So news that are hot at the moment is Uranium and Japanese earthquake. After weeks of painful trading conditions, the markets are finally in the greens today. So when we talk about uranium, PDN comes to mind. So now the question is to buy or not to buy? And what is going to happen to the nuclear power industry?

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  1. did you ever think of being a pigeon carrier for your career? :p

  2. lol no never crossed my mind unfortunately, have you?

  3. Nuclear power is not going anywhere, the risks which were underestimated will be revised, which will probably be the most significant impact of the Japanese nuclear crisis.
    China which is in need of clean energy has been consuming a lot of uranium lately. But Germany abandoning nuclear energy was a shocker.
    Buy PDN. keep an eye on others like ERA MRU BKY EXT.

  4. Thanks akilshajahan,
    I agree, nuclear power isnt going anywhere, we will definitely need an alternative to fossil fuel. And now that PDN is on a discount it could be a good entry point.
    Thanks for your comment!