Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Unintelligent Investor's Portfolio: Week 1

After 1 week of trading in the Trading Places competition, I ended up with a modest gain of $7 523

I am currently ranked 179 out of 3209 in Australia
and 4th out of 49 in University of Newcastle.

This is what my portfolio looks like

I know it is a very conservative one with about moderate risk because I've been playing it rather safely. I'll probably start taking bigger risks in the following weeks and see what happens.

If you look at my trades, I accidentally sold then bought then sold PDN again. That was a complete mistake, I didn't really know how to use the interface yet. Now I know! We're all still learning lol.


  1. Good job Jeff you beat the market!

  2. Thanks! hope I dont die in week 2 haha.

  3. Just got put onto your blog by Nas, very interesting..For a second I thought you were investing with 200k, shocked me :P

    Keen to see some updates on this though! GJDM (GoodJobDaveMan)

  4. haha I wish I had 200k to invest. Probably drop out of uni and start a business.

    Just updated the portfolio!

    thanks for visiting