Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Best Saleswomen

Hey there,

Before I start typing I just want to say a very big thank you to all of you guys for coming back, visiting, dropping comments and sending me emails. The site has been up for a bit over 2 months now and has received 2000 hits. I know it is not a huge number compared to the World Wide Web but it is a fairly big number to me. So thank you all so much!

It is less than 4 weeks to the end of semester exams now. If I pass this exam, I’ll only be 3 semester away from being able to say “thats Dr Sia for you, bitch.” Lol, which is kinda scary if you ask me. In 3 semesters (if I pass) I’ll actually be trusted with making life saving or ending decisions, hopefully with a lot of guidance from the registrars and consultants.

Anyway I had just come home from Bacchus, which was a fantastic place to have some dessert, drinks and chill with a friend, or if you’re like me sometimes with nobody else but your laptop. While waiting for my friend, I was thinking about Oprah, yes your read correctly, Oprah.

If any of you watched any tv at all, you’ll know that Oprah Winfrey is ending the Oprah show. I don’t usually watch Oprah but today, while having dinner, I was watching one of her final 3 shows on channel 10 and I am probably understating it when I say she has achieved a lot.

Besides the fact that she is the world’s first female black billionaire and that Forbes estimated her worth to be around 2.7 billion in September 2010 she has actually made a very big mark in our world. It is incredible actually, how much one single person can do to inspire change. Thats right, her emotional, sentimental, touchy feely, talk-about-your-feelings-and-lets-all-cry, tv show actually inspire change. Some people watch her show and decide to help the environment, learn to read, lose weight, do something about their life, etc.

We can all learn something from Oprah, this lady who came from nothing to more than 2.7 billion all by talking. I think of her as one of the best salesperson in the world. For her to build a cult like following, she needs to sell herself and her ideas very very well. She needs to be able to speak so well that people watching her on tv across the world believes what she says. When she says that world is dying, her followers believe her. When she says that obesity is bad and you should do something about it, her followers listen to her. If she says buy this because its good for you, they’ll probably buy it too.

So this is one lady who has given so much back to our world. She has helped rebuild schools, help educate people especially women in parts of the world where gender equality is poor, given so much to various charities, encouraged people to start charities to make a difference, and of course if you are in the audience for her Christmas episodes, she might give you a car as well.

I remember when I was younger, mum used to watch a bit of Oprah. She also had a book about Oprah. She told me that when Oprah was young, she was forced to learn 10 new words everyday (I don’t know if thats true) and that Oprah had a very rough childhood. She read and learnt a lot to be able to get to where she is today. So according to my mum, and we know mums are always right; Oprah’s massive success is not only owed to her charisma but her early education and reading. Those 10 words per day probably gave her a lot of words to use in her talk shows.

So this is something we can learn from her. As a teenager or a young adult, there is no better investment than education.

If only I listed to mum when I was young, maybe I could type my way to 2.7 billion dollars and not rely on Google’s thesaurus lol.

So are you a big fan of Oprah’s? What can we learn or have you learnt from her? Are you glad that The Oprah Winfrey show is finally ending and dreading the programs that are going to pop up on the Oprah Winfrey Network?

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