Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy times

Hey there,

I was in the O&G outpatient’s clinic when I saw the breaking news. Osama Bin Laden killed. Unfortunately the tv in the outpatient’s clinic had no volume on so I could not hear what they were saying. I was really confused when I read that headline, then I got a bit sceptical, thinking it must be a mistake, it must be a body double or something (goes to show how much faith I have in the American Intelligence, cant blame me after watching so many movies about how dodgy they are).

Got home after being in the hospital from 8 to 6 and finally got a chance to read the news properly. In fact I had just watched President Obama’s address. I have to say I thought his speech was very impressive. I like how he ended basically saying America is still one of the awesome-st country. So what do you think is gonna happen next? Some say the world is gonna end because of the impending retaliation from the Al-Qaeda. Anyway, I don’t know much about investing or trading but I know even less about world politics. So I’m gonna try and relate this event to the markets =D

So what happened to the markets after this news was released? The ASX 200 regained its losses and closed flat. US stock futures rose, when writing this, NYSE was not open yet so soon we’ll see if American indexes moved upwards as well. Nikkei 225 finally went above 10 000 points and closed at 10 004.20. FTSE 100 is currently slightly up. So I’m guessing the markets are generally happy about the news?

That is the thing about the stock market, a lot of it is sentiment. In movies, after the supervillan is killed, the sun suddenly starts shining, everybody is happy and the world is all of a sudden a better place. This is not a movie tho. The supervillan is killed but is the world economy all of a sudden brighter? What if the Middle East gets more and more unrest because of this? I don’t know, but I guess when people are confident they buy and a reaction to such news is probably confidence.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree when the President when he said justice has been served. But what is next? Guess we’ll find out.

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