Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Little Cut won't Hurt

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I had just came back from an amazing 12 hour shift at the hospital today. As usual, nothing much happens when you get there at first. I was there from about 6am to 2pm and was ready to leave. All of a sudden I heard get Dr. X, mother in room Y is delivering twins. SCORE! I thought to myself, I'm not leaving now. Luckily I stayed for that extra 10 minute. That twin delivery was followed by a mother that had a prolonged 2nd stage labour and needed some instrumental delivery. Ventouse delivery they call it, amazingly dramatic stuff, labour, crazy. So I ended up staying till about 6 before I got to leave the hospital.

For the first time in my 4 years in medical school, I felt sick. When that mother had the ventouse delivery, the baby was a big too big to come out safely so the doctors did something called an episiotomy, Wikipedia link:
it was a medio-lateral one. So the baby’s head was almost crowning and suddenly the consultant took out a pair of scissors and made the incision. I watched it, felt my legs go soft and head spin for about 2 seconds before I pulled myself together again. First time I was ever fazed by a medical procedure and I've seen a lot more gruesome stuff.

After the consultant left, I talked to the registrar closing up the wound and told him I felt a bit faint for a while because of the episiotomy. He laughed, obviously, and said look at it now, as good as new and we potentially avoided a lot more trauma that this lady could have gotten. She might have a bit of pain from the sutures for a few days but it will be as good as new.

He then told me the first time he was every fazed by a medical procedure was when he watched a bone marrow aspiration, wiki link:
you basically stick a massive needle into somebody’s bones, punch through it to get to the bone marrow to collect some samples. Sounds painful but it is necessary sometimes and it can save lives. In the grand scheme of things, it is for the best.

I guess that I’m trying to say, sometimes it is okay to take a bit of pain, a bit of a cut or punch or scratch here or there and be fazed by it but if at that time, it seemed like it was necessary and if you followed your protocols, it might be for the best.

Ever took a little cut to avoid a massive loss? I’m sure you did. Do leave me comments or drop me an email. Even though my exams are so close by, I will still read and reply to them. For all of you going tru sememster exams now, good luck and study hard! Do press on the little like button on the right hand side of the screen to like the page on facebook or follow the page on twitter! Thanks for reading!

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