Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rain Check

Hey there,

If you guys dont mind, I'm taking a rain check today.

I've just finished my rotation in obstetrics and gynecology and this wraps up my semester. I've been in delivery suite for the past week and have been doing 12 to 13 hour shifts back to back. Today was the first day I saw the sun in a few days lol and it was only for about 10 minutes. It was long hours and very tiring no doubt but I thoroughly enjoyed it. O&G was a great rotation.

We all have to put together a portfolio for the semester and it is due tomorrow. So I'm going to spend tonight and tomorrow finishing it and adding stuff from this week plus exam is in less than 2 weeks!

Sorry and thanks for your patience!

I'll leave you all with a joke I read somewhere:

A woman proudly told her friend, "I'm responsible for making my husband a millionaire."
"Well what was he before he married you?" the friend asked.
"A billionaire"


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