Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Unintelligent Investor's Definition of the Week: Stress

Definitions from
1. Special emphasis or significance attached to something
2. Mental, emotional, or physical strain or tension
3. Emphasis places upon a syllable by pronouncing in more loudly than those that surround it

The Unintelligent Investor’s explanation

Best way to put this is in a sentence.
I cannot stress enough how stressed I’m feeling at the moment.

Examples of when you might feel stressed;
The day before your Paediatric, Obstetrics and Gynaecology multiple choice paper.
You might feel pretty stressed 3 days before your OSCE.
Or you might also feel stressed when the S&P 200 goes below 4500 points and the American indices closed flat before the weekend.

So I’ll leave you all with a very very bad joke I read somewhere.

Why is money called dough?
Because we all knead it

Ah I’m so funny. -_-''

Take care guys.

Next post Tuesday if I haven’t died from caffeine overdose.



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