Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Of Train Conductors and Fish Heads

Hey there

Sorry for missing both Sunday and yesterday’s posts.

I have been packing and travelling around a lot after convention, on top of that I have terrible tonsillitis and my mum is here in Australia so I gotta show her around as well. I was flat out yesterday and didnt even sleep well. It sucks being sick lol.

So I just got back home from meeting some friends after the hospital and finally found some time to have a breather while my mum is cooking dinner.

Something that I thought was quite funny happened a few days ago. My mum wanted to go to the Sydney fish markets so I brought her there. The easier way to get there is by tram so when I got onto the tram, the guy selling the ticket looked at me, my mum and my sister and asked with an Indian accent, “Star City?” (Star City is the casino in Sydney for those of you who do not know). I smiled and shook my head and he went “ahhhhhh, fish market”.

I then looked around and sure enough 90% of the people there were Asians and when we got to the Star City station, 90% of them went off, the remaining 10% got off at fish markets just in case you were wondering. So if that guy were to bet 1 dollar for everytime he asked an Asian if he or she was getting off at Star City, he would be pretty rich lol.

Anyway at the fish markets, my mum got pretty excited at the salmon fish heads. They were selling them for 3 dollars per kilo. My mum bought 2 kilo’s worth. In Malaysia, you can only get half a head at the same price. One man’s trash is another’s treasure? Probably where arbitrage trading comes in play lol.

Anyway this is just a very casual post, I seriously need to rest and have a nice break and look forward to starting at the hospital at 7a.m. tomorrow. Y.a.y.....

Thanks for reading! I promise postings will get back to normal as soon as I pull my life back together.

Anyways how are your holidays so far? Do drop me emails or comments!

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