Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome Back!

Hey there,

As some of you might know that I went to New Zealand for about a week and a half for holidays. It was amazing to say the least. New Zealand is a beautiful country. It was as if it did not matter where I was, I could pull out the camera, take a shot and it would turn out good. Photographers cannot go wrong there. So thats a business advice, if you want amazing pictures of sceneries and you are a photographer, go to New Zealand lol.

I was doing some shopping at Kathmandu in Queenstown to prepare for a hike at the Routeburn Trail and I came across this.

If you look closely, the bottles on the left has a tag on it that says BPA free and the ones on the right does not, in fact every other bottle that Kathmandu sells has a tag saying BPA free besides these ones on the right which costed 15 dollars. The ones on the left costed over 25 dollars. Apparently, BPA is a chemical that is in some plastic bottles and it toxic to us.

So the assumption I made was that these cheap water bottles contains this BPA chemical and must be bad for me. So should I buy the more expensive bottles? While I was there, I thought maybe these plastic bottles that are BPA free contains some other chemical, so should I invest in a stainless steel bottle that costed over 50 dollars?

See I almost fell for this very clever trick. I decided to ask the sales person what BPA was and if the 15 dollar bottles contained them. I also wanted to ask if BPA was so toxic why sell bottles with BPA? His answer to me was none of their bottle contains this BPA chemical and was safe to use. Sweet, I thought. I paid 15 dollars and got 2 bottles. I later found out that 3 litres of water was too much to carry on a 2 day hike.

I sure there is a marketing term for what Kathmandu did. Does anybody know? Please do send me an email or drop a comment if you know so that I can share it. I think Coles did it a few months ago as well. They had labels on their chicken saying that all their chicken were hormone free when in fact all chicken sold in Australia was free of hormones. So in a sense they are not telling a lie but the way the word and sell the products makes it seem one is superior to another when in fact they are not.

So drop me an email or a comment. It is great to be back. Look forward to hearing from you guys!

Uh if you wanna see some pictures I took from New Zealand, below are the links to my facebook albums.

Next post Thursday!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Zealand pictures!

Hey there,

I thought since I havent posted for a while I should share my facebook pictures of New Zealand!

Heres the link


Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

US Debt Deal?

Hey there

I’ll be flying off to New Zealand for 1 and a half weeks tomorrow morning. So I’ve been busy packing and making sure I have the things I need for the 3 day Routeburn track. Whilst I’m gone I probably wouldn’t be able to type posts regularly so I’ll type and update whenever I find the time to.

In the meantime, the USA have finally approved the debt deal that allows USA to not default on its debt. I haven’t read articles on it thoroughly yet so I’m going to cheat. Do any of you know what the implications are and what it is all about briefly? Leave me a comment or send me an email I would love to read and see what you think. I only have a very general idea of what it’s all about.

Thanks for coming back guys. Postings will be back to usual as soon as possible I hope.

Enjoy your day and I’ll enjoy New Zealand!

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