Tuesday, August 2, 2011

US Debt Deal?

Hey there

I’ll be flying off to New Zealand for 1 and a half weeks tomorrow morning. So I’ve been busy packing and making sure I have the things I need for the 3 day Routeburn track. Whilst I’m gone I probably wouldn’t be able to type posts regularly so I’ll type and update whenever I find the time to.

In the meantime, the USA have finally approved the debt deal that allows USA to not default on its debt. I haven’t read articles on it thoroughly yet so I’m going to cheat. Do any of you know what the implications are and what it is all about briefly? Leave me a comment or send me an email I would love to read and see what you think. I only have a very general idea of what it’s all about.

Thanks for coming back guys. Postings will be back to usual as soon as possible I hope.

Enjoy your day and I’ll enjoy New Zealand!

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