Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Trading in year 2012

Hey there,

It has been some time.

31 December 2011 the last day of the year. A day where we all sit down and reflect on how the year has passed. For some, a day where you get pissed drunk and wake up at some random place trying to figure where you left your underwear.

I passed 4th year of medicine and will be proceeding to my final year. If I pass this final year, 2 things change. 
1. I get the title Doctor instead of Mister
2. My personal credit rating suddenly becomes AAA+
Will I be at all ready to save lives? Probably not.
Will I be any better at withdrawing blood? Probably slightly better than I was in 1st year.

2011 has been a hectic year for the markets. That plus the crazy 4th year medical school workload meant that I had lost time to properly study and nurture my interest in trading and investing. A crazy semester in surgery and medicine meant that I had greatly neglected this blog and sometimes half heartedly type a post, for that I sincerely apologize.

This day a year ago, the ASX S&P 200 was at about 4600 points, now it is below 4100. The S&P 500 closed almost exactly where it started a year ago. Not a very good year for investors but an excellent year for traders, providing you are on the right side.

It is not hard to find news articles or commentaries by leading economists predicting that 2012 will be worst than 2011. With Euro looking more and more messy to say the least, growth in most countries slowing down, and austerity policies after massive stimulus packages, it is not hard to agree with their predictions.

Anyhow, opportunities are everywhere if you look hard enough.

So even though economists predict a bleek outlook, I bid all of you

A very happy new year
and Happy Trading in year 2012

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