The Unintelligent Investor

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago - Warren Buffett

Being unintelligent is at the core of our investment philosophy: We strongly believe that it is impossible for anyone to predict the future of the economy and of companies. This means that we can only look at the current valuation of individual companies and take advantage of the fact that sometimes shares of companies are offered on the market at very cheap valuations, because of investor psychology. By doing this not for one company, but for a number of companies, and by thinking only of the long-term, we believe it is possible to do consistently better than the average investor (the stock index). On this website we share our analyses of individual companies that we think are valued at very low prices. Under no circumstances our analyses should be seen as an advice or recommendation to buy, hold or sell. We only share our ideas. You should do your own homework. And don't forget: assuming that you are unintelligent about the future is the only way to be intelligent as investor.