Les Chis

2019 - Present  -  2 years

Smart Luxury for Small Dogs. At Les Chis, we believe that only the best is enough for our precious dogs. Quality and comfort is at the heart of everything we do, paired with a timeless design. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look fashionable when going out with their favourite furry partner in crime. Be chi(que), be you.


Duval Union

2020 - Present  -  1 year

The story of Duval Union and our partners originates from the insight that organisations going through disruptive times need a different kind type of partnership. Companies and brands need multitalented and experienced teams to address their business, marketing and communications challenges effectively and efficiently.



2016 - Present  -  5 years

MOQO is een Belgisch branding agency en benadert elk merk vanuit de eigen branding expertise met een kritisch kijk en een hart voor design. De strategic cube van Moqo bouwt het strategisch verhaal achter het merk. Vervolgens gaat de creative hub aan de slag voor een strak design en de verdere uitrol van jouw merk. Die wisselwerking maakt van MOQO een goed geoliede machine die zonder omwegen naar jouw authentieke merk leidt.



2019 - Present  -  2 years

Organizations generally make decisions based on past experience and internal expertise. However, how consumers, employees and citizens really behave is hard to predict and might leave you as a decision maker with a blind spot in your judgement. So what if you could go beyond the surface of what people say and have a clear grasp on how people actually feel, think and behave? That’s where Sapience comes in. By integrating the human aspect in scientific predictions and models, Sapience reveals the science of human decisions. The tailor-made research approach, combined with the scientific know-how, allows Sapience to formulate strategic advice with valuable and immediately applicable recommendations.



2021 - Present  -  1 year

Je kan je personeelsbeleid op verschillende manieren benaderen en optimaliseren. Door middel van kwantitatief en kwalitatief onderzoek biedt Starfish je inzicht in de verschillende HR-aspecten. Afhankelijk van de vraagstelling hanteren we klassieke methodes zoals diepte-interviews en focusgroepgesprekken, alsook innovatieve NLP- en netwerkanalyses. Zo verzamelen we objectieve data waarmee jij aan de slag kan om knelpunten op de werkvloer te verhelpen.



2022 - Present - 1 year

Because education is the most important investment in our future, Zerocopy and its partners help to lower the barriers to higher education.

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Divested participations


2006 - 2019  -  13 years - Currently held by Vectis & Management

As a full-service market research agency with a true can-do attitude, Profacts goes beyond data delivery. Our team reveals factors for success by providing actionable recommendations and consultancy. Highly passionate about our work and our customers, we go the extra mile every time. No challenge is too big for us.


2016 - 2018 - 2 years - Bought and integrated by Zoovu

Clever is a disruptor in the conversational search and design space, combining consumer psychology, deep learning techniques, and AI to help drive purchase decisions and help you smash your business goals.